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THE Super Sub

I just know you all have been sitting around with bated breath just chewing your nails waiting for me to come along and give you the play-by-play of THE Super Sub.  Haven’t you?  Well, of course you have!  So I won’t keep you waiting even more one second!

So let’s get to it.  THE Super Sub is constructed and ready to roll for kick-off at 5:20 this evening! 

I did something new this year.  In the past,  I have made the “sauce” condiment for THE Sub out of a mixture of mayonnaise and some type of mustard.  And in all honesty, I already had those things out of the fridge, destined for THE sub.  Then I opened the cabinet above my bar and discovered a jar of absolutely, phenomenally fan-tab-u-lous Roasted Red Pepper and Onion Relish!  My friend Angie gave it to me for Christmas.  THANKS ANGIE!  And I had an epiphany!  All of a sudden, that relish was being mixed with a little cream cheese and mayonnaise. 

 Super Sub “sauce”

OH MY!  And the mustard went right back in the fridge from whence it came.  And THE Sub took on a whole new dimension!  This stuff is the bomb dot com, let me just tell you!  Those three skinny people who live in my house about had a good old-fashioned spell over it!

So let’s slather it on some bread, shall we?  I took a massive loaf of fresh French bread and cut it in half length-wise before adding the “sauce.” 

Super Sub all sauced up

Oh yeah baby!  I think the tall skinny man would’ve just eaten it like this!  But hang on!  It’s about to get better!  WAY better!  Check this out!  Let’s add some cheese!

Super Sub all cheesy

I chose pepperjack cheese and a colby cheese.  But you could use anything that strikes your fancy.

Now let’s add some meat.

Meaty sub

I used honey-baked ham and honey-roasted turkey breast.  But if you prefer roast beef or salami or capicola, by all means, use those or any combination you and your family enjoy!  You can’t go wrong! 

Sub with peppers

Here’s where you get creative!  Add whatever you like!  We’re a pepper-loving family!  So I added sliced pepperoncini peppers and some roasted red peppers to compliment the “sauce.” 

Sub with onions

Then a layer of red onions.  I have a sick love affair with onions!  I adore them!  In and on most anything and everything!  GOTTA have onions!

sub with pickles

And pickles!  LOTS and LOTS of pickles!  I usually use dill, but something spoke to the tall skinny man in the friendly neighborhood Kroger store yesterday and he picked bread and butter to come home with us.  So bread and butter it is!  And honestly, given that I changed up the sauce to a non-mustardy sauce, I think the bread and butter are going to be a wonderful flavor combo with the sweet, yet savory relish! 

sub with maters

And ya gotta have tomatoes!  My Moma would probably roll over in her grave if I failed to put her beloved maters on there!  So a couple on-the-vine tomatoes got sliced and added.  Now I have to admit to you that I am NOT a tomato connoisseur.  I don’t love them myself.  But even I know that this time of year, “good” maters are hard to come by.  And the best I’ve found are those on-the-vine tomatoes. 

Moving right along…….we’re getting there!  We’ve almost got ourselves a SUPER Sub!  A few more steps and you can eat!  Or at least lick the monitor screen.

sub with lettuce

Add a little lettuce.  You’ll notice that one end of the sub has no lettuce……that would be the end I’ll eat from.  While I love lettuce, it does NOT like me.  I learned that the hard way!  But if you love lettuce and it doesn’t make you pray to die like it does me, PLEASE add “good” lettuce!  Put some nice green leafy lettuce like this.  Or use some Romaine or a red-leafy lettuce or get really exotic and use some endive or arugula! 

Now let’s add some more cheese! 

Sub with more cheese

Cuz according to the tall skinny man, you can NEVER have too much cheese!

sub with bell peppers

And finally, I added some green bell pepper that I forgot to put on when I did the other peppers.  WHOOPS!  This is just a hint to never take your food or recipes too seriously!  Stuff happens!  Just roll with it!    Then slather the top half of your huge honkin’ loaf of French bread with the rest of your sauce! 

Are you ready?  To see the finished product?  Have you got something to wipe the monitor screen off after you lick it?  If not, jump up and grab a paper towel!  QUICK!  Cuz here it comes!

 The Mac-Daddy of all Subs!  THE Super Sub!

Finished Sub

Finished Sub

And there you have it!  THE Sub that my kids think the Super Bowl simply can’t take place without!  We’ll try it out, along with our Quesadillas built-to-order and our homemade corndogs in a little while. 

Enjoy the game!  And enjoy your food!  See you tomorrow!


3 Responses

  1. It looks fantastic on that tray Amy! The “sauce” sounds great!

  2. Ok, of course, you already know that the sauce is making me hairball…lol….that’s just me and mayo…anyway, your roasted pepper sauce, though, comes from the Rothchild’s Farms right down the road from me…ok, enjoy…lol.

  3. Amy, this looks divine!! How did it taste?

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