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Birthday Boy……

How ’bout some  birthday photos? 

Joel’s birthday burger

Not the best photo, but the birthday boy was a bit hungry and not the slightest bit concerned with making sure his burger was properly photographed!  LOL  But this is the completed Bacon Cheeseburger on steriods!

Joel’s 39th birthday cake

And his birthday cake……….Pardon the fact that it’s leaning a bit…….That cheesecake was mighty honkin’ heavy and caused a bit of structural issues!

Joel with his birthday cake

This would be the big goober about to take a big bite out of his birthday cake!  ***rolling eyes***   He thinks he’s amusing!

Joel’s cake cut

Here’s his cake all plated up with the Frangelico and Kahlua sauce and whipped cream.  I didn’t have any cuz it would’ve used up an entire month’s worth of Weight Watchers points!  LOL  But the tall skinny man deemed it fantabulous!  So that’s all that matters!   

OK, that’s enough about the birthday boy!  Personally, I feel like it’s MY birthday because would you just check out that amazing new header up there!?!??!?!  The food you see in the background is actually MY food!  My friend Laura made that for me!   MADE IT!!!  Laura is a dear, precious person!  The fact that she’s sane amazes me because she’s mom to 5 kids, including TWO sets of preschool-aged twins!!!!!  Add in fabulous web-designing on top of that!  Plus the fact that her home is IMMACULATE!!!!  Well, she’s just beyond phenomenal!  Laura, you’re the best!  Thanks from the very bottom of my heart!  And certainly from the heart of my kitchen! 


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  1. Wow…it all looks sooo good! You did a great job on that cake! Laura did a fantastic job on your header! Beautiful!

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