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Remodeling……and stuff……..

OK, nobody freak out!  I’m doing a little remodeling around here.  When I set up the blog, I just used a default background theme because, in all honesty, I had NO idea what I was doing!  So far, everything I’ve done around here has been completely trial and error!  While the background theme that was up was nice, it wasn’t “me.”  Those who know me well, know I’d about rather eat dirt than to eat a banana.  So the Banana Smoothie theme just didn’t cut it.  But it was the ONLY food-related theme available when I got started.

So then today, a friend who is THE blogging QUEEN of all time, told me I have options, man!  I had no clue!  LOL  So I changed the background theme and she’s going to help me make it a little more “me” around here!  Laura is the BOMB DOT COM!  So y’all stay tuned!  It’s going to look groovy around here before long!  I can’t wait!  Laura does fabulous work!   

Now, as for some food talk!  Let’s get to it!  I finally managed to come up with some menus for this week.  You’ll find out about Sunday’s menu tomorrow because it’s the tall skinny man’s birthday and I don’t want to give away the farm here!  But be sure to come back by tomorrow and see what I’m cooking for him! 

This week we’re having:

Monday:  Buffalo Chicken Lasagna (a Weight Watchers recipe), Corn on the Cob and Wedge Salad

Tuesday:  Kraut & Weenies, Mixed Baby Limas and Black-Eyed Peas, Grits Croquettes, Fried Potatoes, Hominy and Cornbread Sticks

Wednesday:  Chicken Enchiladas with Homemade Pico de Gallo, Spanish Rice and Ranch Beans

Thursday:  Leftovers from whatever we have left on any given night!

Impressive, huh?  NOT!  I spent so much time trying to turn TSM’s birthday meal into something fancy instead of “plain” that I used all my good brain cells and energy up before I could come up with good menus for the week.  I’ll try to do better for you next week!  I promise!

In the meantime, stay tuned because the remodeling is going to continue until it looks amazing around here!  And tomorrow, I’ll have some groovy recipes and pictures for you from TSM’s birthday meal!

 See you tomorrow!


4 Responses

  1. Whoa! I thought I was at the wrong place there for a minute! But, then I thought “Purple, yes, I’m at the right place!” LOL

  2. Amy! So glad you got rid of that money fruit! 🙂 I love the site and can’t wait to read more!

  3. Um…that was supposed to say…”MONKEY FRUIT!” Must. Use. SpellCheck!

  4. Ok…my third comment in a row. SORRY! Is today TSM’s birthday? If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TSM! Enjoy!

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