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Monday Q & A: February 18, 2008

Well, not a single question all week long!  LOL  But loads of groovy comments!

TSM wishes to thank everyone for the birthday wishes……..well, actually I wish to thank everyone for wishing TSM a happy birthday because TSM is a bit elderly and senile at his advanced age…….he’s a whole 9 months older than me so I have to give him grief about his age every chance I get!  hehehehe  But seriously, thank you all for the birthday wishes for him throughout the past week.  Birthdays are a huge deal at our house because they were made a big deal of at MY house growing up.  Unfortunately, until TSM joined my family, there was never a big deal made of his birthday.  😦  That makes me really sad for him.  Everybody should have a big deal made out of their birthday.  Unfortunately, TSM never got that growing up and his family STILL doesn’t acknowledge his birthday.  So THANKS to all of you for helping me make his birthday more special. 

Donna, I really hope the building down the road from you is going to turn into a Whole Foods too!  It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  You’re a foodie like me!  You’ll LOVE it!  Truly!

Pamela and Marlene, glad you enjoyed the Baked Green Tomatoes!  They have become one of my favorite side dishes now that I can make them with no guilt!  The problem is finding green tomatoes this time of year!  That’s quite a challenge!

“Fat” Babysitter, you’re missed around here too!  Come by and see us!  I’ll cook you up something good!  OH and hey, I’ll get a chance to make you some petit fours for the jewelry show!  YEE HAW!  For everyone else reading, my “fat” babysitter, Stefanie is now selling Premier Jewelry.  If there is anything in life that I love even remotely as much as food, it’s JEWELRY!!!!!!  And Stef is brand new to Premier!  I’m having a jewelry show at my house March 17!  So those of you around here, COME!  I’ll feed you good!

My heart just sings when I see a comment so I know I’m not sitting here talking to myself!  LOL  Thanks to you ALL for stopping by!

So since today is supposed to be about questions and answers and you guys didn’t have any questions this week, I’m going to give you a few!  Report back to me, would ya????  Choose one to answer.  Choose them all!  Whatever you want to do!  Throw me a bone here! 

*  What is your absolute favorite meal EVER?

*  What is your favorite thing to cook?

*  What food do you associate with love and being loved?

*  Who is the very best cook you know?

*  Do you associate any food smells with love?  If so, what fragrance?

*  Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip for a sandwich?

*  Coke or Pepsi?

I’ll tell you mine!

*  My absolute favorite meal ever was my Moma’s Swiss Steak with Rice.  The smell of that Swiss Steak cooking drove me nuts!  Now y’all are going to think I’m crazy, but right up there with my Moma’s Swiss Steak was my Daddy’s Slaw Dawgs.  YES!  Slaw Dawgs!  Every year for my birthday, I alway asked Daddy to grill hot dogs and make his slaw.  NOBODY could make slaw like my Daddy! 

*  My favorite thing to cook is FOOD!  LOL  I don’t really have a favorite.  My favorite thing to cook is whatever will make people the happiest when I set it in front of them. 

*  I associate all food with love, honestly.  I love nothing better than feeding those that I love.  So whatever I make is filled with my love for them.  Homemade food is all about love!  My Granny’s homemade biscuits were so full of love they would make you CRY, man!  Her pie crust, ALL LOVE!  My Moma’s slow-cooked fresh green beans from the garden with tiny fresh-dug red potatoes on top…..LOVE LOVE LOVE!  My Daddy’s omelets, which he wouldn’t even eat!  Now that’s love!  To fix something for someone else that you won’t even eat!  Absolutely love!  And my Daddy’s BBQ…..NOTHING but love there!

*  I can’t pick one best cook.  I’ve told you a little bit about my Moma and my Granny and my Daddy.  My brother is a fabulous cook!  He inherited my Daddy’s way with BBQ.  Man, oh man!  My SIL is a great cook!  She makes good, old-fashioned country “grub” that will rock your face off!  My aunts!  Oh man!  My Aunt Jane made cakes that would make you fall to your knees in worship!  She could also make a roast that was the most tender, juicy, flavorful meat you would ever put in your mouth!  And her Pea Salad!  HOLY COW!  My Moma’s baby sister, Ann……the reason I can make meatloaf today!  She makes unbelievable casseroles that always amazed me growing up!  We never had many casseroles at my house.  So when Ann would show up with some chicken and broccoli concoction, I would be in HEAVEN!  My aunt Linda…….she married my Moma’s baby brother…….macaroni and cheese like you’ve never tasted before in your life!  The list really goes on and on!

*  Because food is such an important part of my life, I associate some of those fabulous smells with love because that’s one of the ways my family showed love.  When I smell dressing cooking, with that strong aroma of onion, celery and sage, it takes me back to my Granny’s kitchen.  That’s love, man!  No two ways about it.  And anything with cinnamon.  Cinnamon smells like love to me!  Hey, just ask my dog, Charlie!  No joke!  That crazy dog loves anything with cinnamon.  I learned this when I dropped a warm pumpkin cookie off the cookie sheet and Charlie scarfed it down.  Charles Edward William Harry (Hairy) Dog strongly agrees with me that cinnamon smells like love to him!

*  Miracle Whip, OF COURSE!  Mayonnaise has it’s place in certain recipes.  But for a plain old sandwich, it’s GOT to me Miracle Whip!  A sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without the tangy zip of Miracle Whip!!!!

*  PEPSI!  Today, tomorrow and always!  And that’s just how it is!

Have a great week, friends!  Share some of your food memories and loves with me!  Cuz that’s what it’s all about!  See you tomorrow!


4 Responses

  1. Amy, I love the new look! Gorgeous!

    Miracle Whip

    Coke (it’s the REAL thing!) 🙂

    Favorite meal of mine: Spaghetti with homemade sauce and meatballs, garlic bread, large salad

    Favorite smells from the kitchen: Thanksgiving dinner with all of the trimmings. YUMMY!

    I’ve also been blessed with many great cooks in my family and in Scott’s family. I have wonderful recipes from my mother, both grandmothers, Scott’s Ganny, and his mother. My aunt is also a great cook and we had great times in the summer and holidays eating and eating and eating. 🙂

    As far as food smells = love, I’m thinking anything being baked since baked goodies are how I show love to my family. That and fixing their favorite meals for them.

    Great job on this site! I love coming here to read…sorry for the book! 🙂

  2. Mayonnaise

    Coke, love Cherry Coke!

    Favorite meal of mine: Cheese Enchiladas, served with Spanish Rice, Chips and I Love guacamole!

    I too, love Thanksgiving morning smells…BUT, the one that probably takes me right back to my childhood, are tortillas being fried.

    My family is full of great cooks! Both of my Grandmothers were excellent cooks. One of them made pies for a local restaurant, in the town I grew up in. My Mom is a great cook, as are my sisters, and everyone who eats my food tells me I am a great cook.

    Food smells: Probably baked goods. I love to make sugar cookies!

    Thank you fou such a fun site! I love it!

  3. Amy, I agree, this new look is fabulous!

    * What is your absolute favorite meal EVER? tough one. sorry. I think I have a favorite in every ethnicity! I am particularly fond of indian/mexican/italian/german!

    * What is your favorite thing to cook? I love to cook food that my family loves. Currently this includes cheesecake, cake, cookies, and breakfast (because they are very picky!)

    * Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip for a sandwich? I grew up with Miracle Whip!! Now I eat them plain though, for the most part. I don’t eat them often.

    * Coke or Pepsi? Pathetic… but water… Now, if you had said, mocha or latte, I would have an answer for ya!

  4. My favorite meal and favorite thing to cook is anything! I am just getting my feet wet in the wonderful world of cooking but i must say that the 20 lbs my husband has put on since being married just a year and a half ago is not because of McDonalds:)
    The best cook I know is with out a doubt Amy! She uses more imagination and creativity when cooking one dish than i use in a week. About a month ago my parents came over for dinner and my mom asked me where i learned to cook and i told her “Paula Deen and Amy”
    -Neither coke nor pepsi! Three words diet dr. pepper:) YUM
    – Give me my mayo!!!

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