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What does that have to do with cooking, you ask? Well, here’s the deal. After our gloriously beautiful weather this past weekend, I was SOOOOOOOOOOO geared up for spring! I sat down and I wrote a really nice post about spring coming and with spring comes grilling weather, etc. In this post, I proceeded to tell y’all about all the wonderful things I like to grill during the spring and summer. And I had planned to put that post up this morning.

Yeah, well, somehow a post about grilling and gloriously beautiful weather just didn’t seem appropriate this morning with it being frigid outside and blowing snow and sleet around.

So I’ve decided to whine about it being cold. Because I. HATE. COLD. WEATHER. HATE IT! LOATHE IT! ABHOR IT! And did I mention I am not fond of cold weather? Well, I’m not. I SO want it to warm up and give me back the weather we had over the weekend. I know it’s not far off. But it’s too far off for my liking. If we could eliminate the months of October through February from the calendar and get 2 of the other months of the year, I’d be a happy gal. VERY, VERY happy! Somebody work on making that happen, would you?

In the meantime, you’re just going to have to wait on the grilling post for another day when grilling does sound appealing again.  Cuz today, it just don’t sound too festive to me cuz I’ve been sitting in my recliner, under a blanket, in my woolie pj’s, with my furr-zy houseshoe-boot thingies on, in front of my fireplace.  So there!

So what’s a girl to do when she’s freezing to death?  Why, fix comfort food, of course!  That warms the bones!  It does!  I promise!  So I had AB1 get in the kitchen peeling carrots because his fingers weren’t frozen stiff like mine! 

We’re having something we call Campfire Chicken.  Campfire Chicken was born after a trip to Cracker Barrel several years ago.  They had something similarly named on their menu as their special that month.  It was half a chicken with potatoes, carrots, chunks of corn on the cob, onions and tomatoes all wrapped up in aluminum foil.  They even served it in the foil packet on the plate.  It was SOOOOOOOOO good!  So I came home and tried to recreate something similar.  And MY Campfire Chicken was born.

I don’t do chicken halves.  I use boneless, skinless chicken breasts because that’s what we prefer.  Well, actually, TSM and the AB’s will eat any old part of the chicken.  I prefer boneless, skinless chicken breasts, so that’s what I use. 

The beauty of this dish is that you can tailor it to fit the likes and dislikes of your own family!  It’s pretty forgiving that way!  We like a host of flavors, so I rarely make it the same twice in the way of spices.  I always use onions, carrots and potatoes, but I almost always change up whatever spices or spice blend I use.  I like new and different! 

Tonight, I’m going with loads of garlic (that NEVER changes!) and a citrus seasoning blend I got at Sam’s.  See?

Campfire Chicken 1

Campfire Chicken 2

When I first started making this dish, I roasted the onions, carrots and potatoes in with the chicken.  But tonight, I’m going to do them in a separate pan.  Because I can.  Actually, I’m doing it this way because I’ve learned that I adore the flavor of truly roasted vegetables.  They need to be dry to make that happen.  The chicken will cook out too much juice and the carrots and potatoes will end up boiling/steaming in the juices if I cook them with the chicken. 

My friend Heather in TX turned me on to this whole dry-roasting carrots.  I could literally eat the WHOLE pan by myself!  They’re the bomb dot com!  So they’re going to go roasty roast with their friends in another pan tonight.  See?  Don’t they look happy to be with their friends?  I thought so too!

Roasted Carrots

I’m going to make corn on the cob, but I’m not going to cut it into little chunks like the original chicken dish Cracker Barrel served.  And I’m going to make broccoli with cheese for AB2 because he’d rather eat broccoli than just about anything else in the whole world.  Bless him. 

And I’m going to make some Mayonnaise Muffins too because AB1 adores them and because I hope my little foster girlie will get off work in time to come eat with us.  It’s cold so she needs a good, hearty, warm meal to warm her bones too!  And she’d just about rather eat Mayonnaise Muffins than anything else in the world!  I’m going to make some honey butter to go on them and since I’m putting some citrus spice blend on the chicken, I thought I’d do a little citrus action in the Mayonnaise Muffins and in the honey butter by way of some orange zest. 

Mayo Muffins 1

Mayonnaise Muffins are the easiest bread you can make!  And they’re wonderful!  Folks will think you spent ages working on them!

This is what it all looked like before I added the milk:

Mayo Muffins 2

And this is what they looked like before they went in the oven:

Mayo Muffins 3

And that’s dinner at my house tonight!  Nice WARM comfort food to warm the bones cuz it’s wicked cold and I hate cold!  Just in case you didn’t know how much I hate cold!

See y’all tomorrow!  And let’s hope it’s much, much warmer! 


4 Responses

  1. Amy, it’s stinkin’ cold here too! Anyway, your dinner sounds fabulous!

    I have a question for Monday…what is the difference between sea salt and kosher salt? Thanks!

  2. I have a question Amy…do you like cooler weather? LOL Just wondering… Oh, those veggies look so pretty! You know what else I love, that see thru Tupperware container! Nice!

  3. I make a sour cream muffins, they sound kinda like these!

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