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You guys help me out, would ya?  I need to make a chocolate cake for a birthday.  And I really want it to be “different” than just plain old chocolate cake.  I need some suggestions!  “Plain” old chocolate cake would be fine, I suppose.  But I’d really like something new and different.

I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a Cookies ‘N Cream cake, but most recipes I’ve found when I Googled were white cake with the cookie crumbs in the cake.  I want the cake itself to be chocolate. 

So HELP!  Give me an idea and I can run with it!  What would be good?  And impressive!?!!?  It’s got to be impressive! 

I have done chocolate with a crushed up Heath bar frosting.  I have done chocolate with peppermint buttercream frosting.  Chocolate with coconut “goo” in between the layers to be like a Mounds candybar.  I’ve done Red Velvet, of course.  I’ve done “Black & White” where I alternated a fudge cake with a French vanilla cake.  But I hope I can come up with something else so I don’t have to repeat any of those.

So what can I make that is COMPLETELY new and different for this cake?  Y’all throw me a bone!  If you could imagine your biggest chocolate fantasy cake, what would it be!?  Tell me what the cake would be like and maybe I can just invent it!  Heck, I might just name it after you! 


8 Responses

  1. Amy, not much time here I have to get to work. Have you put chocolate chips in the cake batter before? Maybe make it a darker chocolate cake then just devils food? How about putting cruched oreos around the cake instead of cake crumbs, and and covering it completely in chocolate ganache first? If you’ve done any of those, sorry, but my brain is scrambling. You could even try a truffle filling like those new truffle hershey’s kisses. I hope that you or some of the other ladiescome up with a great cake. I know you will. Love you!

  2. How about peanut butter and chocolate? (and maybe bananas, too!!) Not the thick peanut butter, but the peanut butter pie creaminess. Chocolate cake layer….a layer of some incredible fudge topping, then peanut butter filling….sliced bananas if that suits you…then cake, repeat. Cover in in the peanut butter. Maybe even put some crushed peanuts on top off the fudge layer before putting on the peanut butter silky part.

    Oh GEEZ, I am getting hungry!!

  3. My first thought was a cake kind of like Deborah was talking about. It stays really moist, and I usually put it in a Bundt pan. But, really, it isn’t any thing that would be consider “over the top”. Sooo…not very impressive, but really good. How about a cake with fresh flowers around the bottom of it, or if baked in a Bundt pan, put them down in the middle of it, and around the bottom.

  4. How about in between the layers you do something like a fudgy filling with peanuts, kind of like a peanut buster parfait? Anyway, after you decorate it, you could sprinkle some peanuts around on your ‘loop-de-loops’ that you put on your cakes. Then, pour some fudgy sauce over the icing on top of the cake. That would just about send me over the edge! 🙂

  5. I just got home from work, man all these other ideas sound so delicious, wish that I could taste the finished product. LOL! I thought of one other thing that I love and that is marshmallow creme! You could mix mini chocolate chips with either almond pieces or even walnuts and put that between the layers of the cake, but I think for all that sweetness you would need a dark chocolate cake that isn’t very sweet. Of course I loved the fudge filling and bananas, it sounded almost like a banana royal that I loved to get at 31 Flavors.

    Anyway’s I am sure that whatever you make it will be fantastic and beautiful as always. Love you.

  6. Okay, I’m sorry Amy,but I’m here again, your question really got me thinking about flavors and what would be my chocolate cake fantasy. LOL! One more flavor that I should be shot for, for not even coming up with it must be coffee! Now a mocha java chip filling would taste soooooo good between a nice dark maybe double fudge cake? Of course with the peanut butter and then my mentioning of marshmallow creme got me to thinking of “fluffer nutter sandwiches” LOL!

    I know that I was born and raised in CA, but when I was a little girl, I actually thought that I came up with that concoction myself. I made me a sandwich with marshmallow creme and peanut butter, and my mother replied that I was nuts. LOL!

    It wasn’t til I was grown with Eleanor~Rose making her the very same sand to get her to gain weight when she was such a skinny scrawny thing, that I heard that “Fluffer Nutters” were actually a Mid East and “Southern” thing and here my family thought that I was nuts. LOL! Okay, I’ll leave you alone now, I promise that I’ll try to refrain from adding more flavors to your cake. LOL! Take care.

  7. Lots of Nutella! 🙂

  8. YUM…LOVE Nutella!!!!!

    Amy…I love adding coffee to my chocolate cake batters and brownie batters. I also like to incorporate raspberries into it all, somehow. You know I am no baker, though…lol

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