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Family Fun with Fruit

We had a little fun at our house this afternoon.  Ankle Biter 1, Tall Skinny Man and I made a fruit arrangement.  Have you guys seen these things advertised on TV?  They’re fruit, but look like a flower arrangement.  I have always wanted to try my hand at making one.  So we tried it this afternoon!

I wanted to make one that looks sorta “St. Patrick’s Day” with mostly green fruits.  I wanted to do a trial run, so to speak because I’m having a little Premier Jewelry show on St. Patty’s day and wanted to make one of these for my guests that evening.  But I didn’t want to wait until then to see if it would work.  So we tried it out this afternoon.  WHAT FUN!!!!!  We had a ball!  Ankle Biter 1 kept saying, “This is something parents and kids can do together.”  LOL  I think he had a lot of fun helping cut fruit and watching it all come together.

We used kiwi, honey dew melon, white grapes, cantaloupe and strawberries.  We started out by cutting the pineapple into flowers and shamrocks.  Like this:

Fruit 1

They looked like this once I cookie cutter’d ’em:

Fruit 2

Tall Skinny Man worked on the shamrocks for me.  I couldn’t find a shamrock cookie cutter, so we improvised.  TSM found a pair of freaky deaky shamrock sunglasses!  LOL  So we used those as a template to cut the pineapple into shamrock shapes.  TSM got that job cuz I can’t freehand worth a cuss!   And he can!  So he got the job!

Fruit 3

Personally, I did all the really HARD work like, you know, cutting the guts out of melons and stuff like that.  Then cutting them with a crinkle cutter and using a melon baller on them.  Uh huh, HARD work.  Whew!  ***wiping brow***  Like this…..See? 

Fruit 4

TSM began putting it together in the vase.  I have absolutely NO skills whatsoever when it comes to getting my brilliant ideas out of my head and into fruition (get it?  FRUITION???)  I crack me up!  So here’s what it looked like as it began taking shape:

Fruit 5

Ignore the paper towels around the bottom collecting the juices.  It’ll all look better soon!  I promise!  In the meantime, I dipped some strawberries in white chocolate and then drizzled them with some white chocolate I tinted green so it would all go with my St. Patty’s theme!  Groovy, huh?!  Oh yeah, ignore the fact that my green chocolate was beginning to get too cool and didn’t want to drizzle very well. 

Fruit 6

Didn’t I tell you it would begin to look better soon?

 Fruit 7

And it finally shaped completely up.  Now keep in mind this is our first attempt at making one of these little arrangements.  We have now seen we need to make a few alterations for next time, like making sure you can’t see the skewers.  I ain’t feeling the love of seeing those.  So we’ll work on that for the “real” one for St. Patrick’s Day and my Premier Jewelry show.

This was the finished product today:

Fruit 8

This was truly one of the most fun things I’ve put together in a long time!  I hope you enjoyed “watching.”  Sure wish you were all close so you could come help us eat some of this doggone fruit now!  It doesn’t look like a lot of fruit, but it really is!  It’s got a whole pineapple, 5 kiwi, 1 pound of strawberries, a whole cantaloupe, 3/4 of a honey dew melon and a pound and a half of grapes in it. 

See y’all tomorrow for Q & A! 


10 Responses

  1. Hey, I just came across your blog while surfing tags. This is really awesome, I love it! Might have to try it out sometime soon. Usually I make cake, and my partner is getting sick of it, so pretty fruit might be just the ticket! I love it!

  2. Amy, I have been wanting to try my hand at making one of the fruit bouquets. Did TSM use toothpicks to hold the cantalope in the center of the pineapple flower? Your first attempt is really cute! What do you plan on doing to “hide” the stems. There you go, you already have a question for tomorrow! LOL

  3. Amy, you are amazing, and so is Joel! That looks great. I’ve sent the fruit arrangements from Edible Arrangements as gifts and they are always well received.
    Enjoying your blog!

  4. Oh Amy and TSM!!!! I LOVE IT! I sure wish I was there to help you eat it too! 😦 My mouth will just have to get over it. LOL! Great job!

  5. Oops…sorry….and AB1 too!!! Awesome job!!!

  6. The fruit tasted just as good as it looked!!!

  7. I have one word…YUMMO!

  8. I’m soooo hungry and this looks so delicious right now. GREAT JOB.

  9. can you please tell me where to get the knife you used for the melon.

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