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Monday Q & A: March 10, 2008

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD morning, friends and neighbors! 

Last week was a great week for questions and comments.  You guys really came out of the woodwork!  So I just want to thank you for that!  I LOVE hearing from you!  It just blesses my day!

Let’s get started with those questions, shall we?

Dawn wanted to know the difference between kosher salt and sea salt.  You know what, Dawn?  I had to do a little digging for this one.  I’ve heard them talk about it on the Food Network, but I can never remember the difference.  So I Googled!  LOL  And it took a while to find a really good description for the difference.  So here ya go:

Kosher salt is “regular” salt.  It’s named “Kosher” because it’s used in preparing meats according to Jewish dietary guidelines.  The biggest difference is that although it’s “regular” salt, it has fewer additives and is saltier than what we usually use as table salt.  Also, it’s usually flaky instead of granular like the salt we generally have up in the cupboard.

Sea salt refers to basically any unrefined salt which is harvested from a living sea or ocean.  It is harvested by channeling ocean water through clay trays and allowing the sun and wind to naturally evaporate it.  Sea salt is believed to be healthier and have more flavor than traditional table salt. 

I hope that was helpful! 

Marlene, I’ve got a question for you……….do you like butter, honey?  ROFL  Maybe just a little?  And BTW, NO, I do NOT like cooler weather!  Not so much! 

All of you who answered my HELP ME post, THANK YOU a thousand times!  I bake so many cakes that I get bored with the “same old-same old.”  KWIM?  So I’m always trying to come up with new and different.  And it’s hard sometimes.  I hate to just keep making the same thing over and over! 

Deb, your suggestion of marshmallow cream did it for me!  When I read that, I was already halfway to a “S’more Cake!”  So that’s what I ended up with.  I made 2 8″ square chocolate cake layers.  I made a deep, dark fudge cake instead of “plain” chocolate.  Then I whizzed a package of graham crackers in the food processor and added them to 2 jars of marshmallow cream along with a package or miniature chocolate chips.  I split the 2 thick layers and made 4 thinner layers.  I spread that filling in between each layer before frosting it with chocolate butter cream frosting and drizzling with chocolate ganache.  Then I added the last of the “filling” to the top of the cake.  See?

 S’more Cake

Thank you all SO much for your wonderful ideas!  Now I’ve got a BUNCH of ideas for the next few cakes I make!  I especially can’t wait to try the peanut butter idea!  Sans the nasty monkey fruit, Tammy!  ;o)  LOL  You know my thang with ‘nanners.  And Susie, I just did one with Nutella!  That was for TSM’s birthday a few weeks ago.  It was a HUGE hit! 

Stef, you asked if I’ve had Paula Deen’s Sour Cream Muffins.  I have not!  Care to share that recipe with me????  You KNOW I love me some Paula Deen!  So any recipe of hers is a welcome addition to my table!  And too funny that you and I had the same snowy-day food on the menu!  How’d yours come out?  My family proclaimed that particular pot of soup the best I ever made.  And we shared it with some family friends so our pot is completely gone! 

Donna, quit teasing a fat woman with your doggone Potato Soup with ham and cheese and goodies in it.  That’s just not nice!  I SOOOOOOOOOOO love Potato Soup!  ***sigh***  I hate being fat.  Why does food have to taste so good!?  Let’s move on before I hurt somebody!

 Marlene, you asked if TSM used toothpicks to secure the cantaloupe to the pineapple flowers.  No, we couldn’t find any toothpicks in this house.  HELLO!  How in the world do you NOT have toothpicks in the house?!  I just don’t know how that happened.  Anyhoo, he punted and just broke some of the larger skewers.  But I WILL be buying some before we do this again for the party next week.  I just think it will be easier.  I’m also going to tweak a few other things about how we did it so hopefully it will look better next time.   

Now, you newbies that I didn’t know….Susie and Rosathemad, THANKS FOR VISITING and thanks for actually letting me know you visited!  It just blesses my little heart to hear from everybody, but especially you new folks who I hope will become friends too!

That’s about it for this Monday.  This is going to be a busy week for me.  I’m heading out of town for work tomorrow and will be gone the rest of this week.  But I hope to have some stuff for you from the road.  Hopefully I’ll get to eat in some groovy places and I’ll share those with you as I eat my way across Tennessee!  All while TSM and the Ankle Biters eat corndogs and bologna sandwiches!  LOL!

See y’all tomorrow!  What’s cookin’ at your house this week? 


3 Responses

  1. Oh.My.Gosh.!!!! I want a piece of that cake! It sounds delicious and it is beautiful! What a pretty cake! I’m trying to get a Lemon Pie made today. Just ruined my first crust, I’m thankful I still had one in the freezer. I had read somewhere to put another pie plate inside of the one with your crust in it..and I added a pottery bowl to the inside of the pie pan.., my crust stuck to the empty pie plate! Maybe I should not have added the pottery bowl to it, ya think! LOL Now, I need to make more crust to replenish the freezer. I love your blog!!!!

  2. That cake is gawgeous, as usual!

    Amy! I’ve been thinking about you all week. I had to drive by the airport and I laughed, remembering how I couldn’t find the damned rental car place. I stumbled upon a new weight watchers blog the other day; thought of you. The girls asked to go to Whole Foods today “to get some free apples and ride in the car cart” and of COURSE I thought of you!

    Naturally I had to come and check in! You’ve been a busy little bee over here! I subscribed to your RSS feed so I can keep up with you via Google reader if I can’t get here more often.

    I loved the pictures of you and Joel doing the fruit bouquet! You two look like you have so much fun together. He’s a funny dude!

    Hope you’re feeling better! Hang in there, mama, it’s almost springtime!!

  3. P.S! I’m writing in another new spot, too. I’m a contributing writer for a collaborative blog all made up of twin mamas. It’s neat! Check it out if you wish: How Do You Do It?

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