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Let’s Go Green!

Monday will be St. Patrick’s Day.  It’s also a couple other things.  I am co-conducting some training at work and then later that evening, I’m hosting a Premier Jewelry show at my house.  When I planned both these, St. Patrick’s Day was not foremost in my mind.  It just didn’t strike me until later that I’d scheduled them both on St. Patty’s.

I’m providing snacks for both events.  And because I’m just weird about stuff like this, I decided the food needed to match the occasion.  Now I’ve already been asked if there will be green beer at both events.  The answer is NO.  So let’s move on to real food.

I’ve come up with a few things.  I’ve already showed you the fruit arrangement TSW, AB1 and I made together on Sunday.  It’s got predominantly green fruit in it.  I think I’ll make some cream cheese/marshmallow creme dip and tint it green to go with the fruit arrangement.

I’m also planning to make guacamole with chips, hot spinach dip with crackers and celery/green bell peppers/ cucumbers/broccoli on a tray with Green Goddess dip.

I have made green-tinted little chocolates in shamrock molds and flavored them with key lime essence to give as door prizes for both events.  And I’m going to make some white chocolate dipped strawberries, then drizzle them with green-tinted white chocolate to also give as door prizes.

Now here’s where I need your help!  Yesterday, I picked up some spinach flavored “wraps.”  Have you seen these things?  They look sorta like a tortilla, but more rectangle-shaped, with rounded corners?  Naturally, since they’re spinach-flavored, they’re green.  But here’s my dilemma………what on earth do I put in them to continue the green theme, besides lettuce?????

What would make a good wrap to serve at my two different events?  Y’all help me out, would you?  I need some ideas!  And if you have any MORE ideas about “going green,” share those too!  I just thought these up on a whim! 

Y’all have a great day!  I’m working out of town the rest of this week and it’s supposed to be absolutely gorgeous weather!  I hope your weather wherever you are is as glorious is mine is supposed to be! 

See you tomorrow! 


4 Responses

  1. Couldn’t you make tortilla roll-ups, adding food coloring to the cream cheese, with green chilies, and some cheese in it? Serving it with green salsa.

    Oh, and since I did not make it back to post yesterday, on convience foods, I would have to say the biggest convience food for me, as well, would have to be canned soups.

  2. Amy,

    I don’t know if you get pesto sauce but you could use that, even if you were to put some kind of meat in the wraps. You could also make some kind of a cilantro lime mayo or sour cream, the color will be green. It’s tough to figure what to put in a wrap, we never make them in our house. LOL!

    You could also do a jello mold, lime jello, but when the jello is thickened, but not fully set beat a a quart or so of vanilla ice cream in the jello. Then of course if you are doing refreshments you can do Sprite or 7 Up or any ol’ lemon lime soda with lime sherbert in it, or even use add limeade to it. Your shamrock candies sound really neat and I’ll bet that they taste delicious, and those strawberries and fruit display is just beautful!

    So glad that the marshmallow creme gave you such a great idea, and so glad that it came out so beautiful, but then again you make amazing things. If I come up with any other “green foods” I’ll let you know. LOL! Take care.

  3. QUESTION? How do i get my picture on your web site? Someone left a comment and there cute little picture. Can i do that also, and how might i ask:)

  4. Amy,

    Hope that you have a good weekend. You know, I was thinking that you could mix your cream cheese with garlic and different herbs that would make the spread green instead of just tiniting it green, and then it would have all the wonderful flavor especially with the garlic. LOL!

    Anyways I know that whatever you do, everything will be beautiful and fantastic, and everyone at both places will say that you did a marvelous job. Take care and have a good weekend.

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