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Monday Q & A: March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  And happy Monday morning to you!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  I went into the weekend hoping for some more glorious spring-like weather, but unfortunately, I got thunderstorms.  😦

So let’s dish, how ’bout? 

Not many questions this week, but LOTS and LOTS of great comments!  Thanks so much for all your help with my “Green” projects for today!  I am really excited about my fun stuff!  I know you all have been waiting on pins and needles all week long to find out what I decided to use in my little spinach roll-ups.  Come on!  Admit it!  You’ve been sitting at your computers with bated breath just waiting for me to come along and tell you!  Well, wait no longer!  Here’s what I decided to do.  I mixed cream cheese and a teeny bit of mayonnaise with a ginormous amount of  fresh chopped cilantro and some lime zest and garlic.  Then I added just a teeny bit of cayenne pepper and Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Salt.  I spread that on the spinach do-hickeys then topped with thinly sliced turkey breast and rolled it up!  VOILA!  If only I could’ve found some green meat!  LOL  Just joking!  That would’ve been way too gross! 

I really appreciate you all helping me out!  I think they turned out great!  I hope I have a LOT of guests for my jewelry show!  If you happen to live here local where I live, COME ON!  You’re more than welcome to join us!  I promise I’ll feed you good and you’ll see a lot of beautiful jewelry!  And I’m gonna give away EDIBLE door prizes!!!!!  Just sayin’…….. A huge WELCOME to the new folks who left comments this week:  Lalagirl, AKA Laura and MidnightsMOM!  Although Laura’s not REALLY new.  She’s just new to the comments section of this blog.  Laura is a precious friend.  She made the beautiful header at the top of the blog.  She picked me up at the airport and then opened her home to me when another dear, precious friend passed away so I wouldn’t have to sit in a hotel by myself.  Y’all make her welcome, OK?  She’s good people! 

Stef, you wanted to know how to put a picture up by your name.  I’m not absolutely positive, but I think you have to be a registered blogger here at wordpress.  I don’t think you can do it otherwise.  😦  I’m sorry! 

Well, that about does it.  Y’all keep checking back this week!  I’m going to be sharing recipes each day to help with Easter meal planning!  Easter Sunday dinner (lunch, but at Granny’s house, it was dinner!) was always a HUGE HUGE HUGE thing growing up.  Granny made these absolutely unbelievable meals with about 80 gajillion meats/side dishes/desserts, etc.  So I’m going to be sharing a few favorites that are “must haves” on our Easter table!

Don’t forget to wear your green today so you don’t get pinched!!!  See you all tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. I have a question. How did you, or TSM, decide to cover the “stems” on the edible bouquets? I can hardly wait to see pictures from tonights party!

  2. I love all of the FC parts you mentioned, I don’t know if my Mom told you or not, but some day she thinks Noelle & Miss Kitty are going to whip up a huge meal for her to come home to. She leaves the cooking channel on for her pets while she’s gone. 🙂

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