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My Easter Dinner Plans

OK, quit crying!  Now, now!  It’s alright!  I know you’ve all been sitting out there just wringing your hands waiting to find out what I’ll put on my table for Easter.  Come on!  You can admit it! 

Seriously, I am going to share my Easter menu with you finally!  Since it only took me forever and three days to finally come up with what we were having! 

After consulting with the family, we decided to do ham with various fixings.  My sister-in-law had one in the freezer.  So she’s making the ham.  And I’m going to make some good ole Southern food to go with it.

Let’s talk about green beans.  A couple weeks ago, I told you about my new fascination with barely-cooked green beans.  Well, today we’re going to talk about REAL Southern green beans.  The kind good God-fearing people Southern people eat.  And let me just tell you, if you make these with all the pig real Southerners put in them, you BETTER be God-fearing!  Cuz them arteries are clogging just TALKING about real Southern green beans!  So you might want to make sure you know your Maker before eating them.  Just sayin’……….

“Real” Southern green beans are cooked to death.  There is absolutely no crunch left in them.  That would be an abomination!  “Real” Southern green beans preferably came out of someone’s garden, not the friendly neighborhood Kroger down the canned food aisle.  That’s how I grew up.  Moma or Granny or my Daddy went out and picked a 5 gallon bucket (or 12!!!) of green beans, brought them back up to the house where someone (usually ME!!!) sat on the back porch and broke them.  Then they were cooked right then or they were home-canned for the long winters when you couldn’t go out and pick them fresh. 

So back to fixing green beans to go with Easter dinner.  I don’t garden, so I’m forced to buy my green beans in a can from Kroger.  The good news is, they’re already half-dead if they came out of a can from the grocery store.  Most of the work is done for you in that regard.  Unfortunately, that fact also means you have to season them to death to be able to get that authentic slow-cooked Southern flavor.  Fresh really is the way to go if possible.

All pots of green beans in the South start with pork.  We’re not picky.  Bacon is good.  Ham is good.  Fat back is good.  Ham hocks are good.  Salt pork is good.  And if you’re in a pinch and have no actual meat on hand to put in, the grease from the bacon you fried for breakfast will do nicely.  My Granny kept a little silver tin of it on her stove at all times.  It had a little grate in the top to strain the grease before going into the bottom of the tin.  And she used it in so many wonderful things! 

In my family, an onion always went into the green beans too.  If you’re an onion hater, repent!  Get over it and learn that onions are, no doubt, the manna from heaven God sent those folks wandering in the desert a zillion years ago!  Food just tastes better with onions in it!

If you’re waiting for a “real” recipe for Southern green beans with exact measurements, that ain’t gonna happen for you.  I’m sorry.  There’s just no way with real Southern green beans. 

So tomorrow for Easter, we’ll be having the real deal!  And here’s how I plan to do it. 

Old-Fashioned Southern Green Beans

*  4 cans green beans, drained

*  1 large onion, cut into chunks

*  salt and pepper to taste

*  country ham pieces

Pour green beans into a Dutch oven.  Cover with fresh water.  Add as much or as little ham as you like.  I like to use about half a packet of something called “beans and greens seasoning pieces.”  I find it in small packets near the sliced country ham like for biscuits.  The ham is already in little pieces just perfect for adding to your beans or greens.  I’m fairly heavy-handed with the black pepper, but add very little salt because the canned beans are already salted and the ham is VERY salty because it’s country ham which is salt-cured.  Then I add the chunks of onion and simmer for about 3-4 hours.  The water needs to cook down significantly.  There will be little water left when it’s actually time to serve them.

And that’s Southern green beans.  And they’ll be on my table tomorrow alongside the ham.  What else are we having, you ask?  Thanks for asking!  We’re having:

*  Ham

*  Roasted Chicken

*  Mashed Potatoes (because I will NOT be guility of the crime mentioned earlier this week!)

*  Green Beans 

*  Roasted Carrots

*  Broccoli with Cheese

*  Stir-Fried Cabbage

*  Fried Corn

*  Fried Okra

*  Macaroni and Cheese

*  Mayonnaise Muffins

*  Carrot Cake

And there you have my Easter menu!  The smallest ankle biter requested Carrot Cake.  When I asked what everyone wanted for dessert, I got the following answers:


SIL/Aunt Dee:  White on white cake with strawberry “goo” in between the layers!!!!
Brother/Unk:  Honeybun Cake!!!!

Then they all decided that Carrot Cake would do.  LOL

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s side dish ideas and recipes.  I have certainly enjoyed sharing them with you.  And I’ve very much enjoyed reading your comments about them and hearing some new ideas and having some new recipes posted too!  May your Easter be blessed!  He is Risen!


3 Responses

  1. you forgot the deviled eggs………heheheheheheh………

  2. Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I totally agree with you about onions…everything just tastes better with onion, lot’s of onion. Your menu sounds wonderful, Amy!

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