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Happy Easter to you all!  This week, I’ve shared some of my favorite side dish recipes that my family enjoys having with our Easter meal.  But today, I want to share something with you that means more to me than food.  WHAT?  There’s something that means more to her than FOOD?!  What is WRONG with her this morning!??!

Yes, there is absolutely something that means more to me than food.  Y’all know I’m not usually very serious around here.  I try to keep it light-hearted.  But this is something that means more to me than anything else.  It’s a living Savior.  If you don’t know Him, I’d love for you to. 

About 2000 years ago, there lived a man who loved you and me so much He was willing to endure not just death, but pure torture before death in order to give us eternal life.  This is a man who lived an entirely sinless life.  Not once in his entire life did he ever lie or cheat or steal or anything else that is sinful.  That’s something I can hardly imagine!

This man carried a wooden cross on his own back.  He wore a crown of thorns on his head.  He had his hands and feet nailed to the cross He had been forced to carry Himself.  He was hung on that cross in between two common thieves to endure a death that you and I can’t even imagine.  All to cover the sins of others, not His own because He had never sinned!

After he finally and mercifully succumbed to death, He was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb.  He remained there three days……until a Sunday morning that you and I call Easter.  On that third day, Jesus conquered death and the grave and walked out alive!  He is risen, indeed! 

God chose to send His only Son to die a horrible, excruciating death so that I could have life for all eternity!  I have two sons and I can’t imagine giving either of them up for someone else.  The very thought absolutely baffles and confounds me.  Because I simply can’t wrap my head around it.  I can’t imagine the kind of love it takes to give up your child for anyone!  But that’s the kind of love Almighty God has.  He was willing to sacrifice His one and only Son for you and for me.

You can call me foolish for my belief.  Call me hokey and stupid if you must.  I call me redeemed!  And very grateful for such a sacrifice.  That’s what Easter means to me.  A very Happy Easter to all of you!   


3 Responses

  1. That was beautifully and well spoken Amy! It is truly a blessed day knowing that we serve such an awesome God, knowing that he wil always love us even when we go wayward. I also feel very priveleged and redeemed for all that he has done in my life. He gave me the chance to be a mom to Eleanor~Rose, and he even brought you and your beautiful family into my life, and I thank him everyday for that. May you, your family, and everyone else here at AMy’s blog have a very Blessed Easter Sunday!

  2. Deborah, You said it so perfectly! Have a Blessed Day, everyone!

  3. I always used to feel so unworthy on Easter, because My God did all of that for me and I don’t deserve ANY of it………now, I try to push past all of the “unworthy” to feel the incredible LOVE of God for me……and if i were the ONLY ONE who needed this sacrifice — He would STILL DO IT…………man…………

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