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Monday Q & A: March 24, 2008

Happy Monday morning to you all!  It’s Spring Break here in my neck of the woods!  I’m taking off a couple days this week so the ankle biters and I can do some junk together.  Dunno what kind of junk yet though.  I guess whatever they come up with!  LOL 

I hope you and yours had a joyful Easter!  We certainly did!  We ate and ate and ate!  My goodness, did we eat!  WHEW!  And did I mention that we ate? 

So, let’s jump right into Q & A since it’s Monday.  I shared recipes with you all last week and one got shared with me too!  Donna shared a recipe for Asparagus and Squash Salad.  Well, I can never leave well-enough alone!  LOL  I almost always change up recipes.  I left out the squash altogether.  And I roasted the “spagarious” (if you remember, that’s Ankle Biter 2-speak for Asparagus!) in the oven, drizzled with olive oil and tarragon, then made that salad dressing and drizzled over the top once it was cooked.  HOLY COW, BATMAN!  That was some insane stuff right there!  Thanks for posting that, Donna!  How did you guys like it?

OK, moving right along to some question from last week’s comments:  Marlene wanted to know how TSM and I kept the “stems” from being seen on the edible bouquets we made.  And the answer is “VERY CAREFULLY!”  LOL  Seriously, TSM nearly popped a cork trying to hide them.  We just kept stuffing fruit in various places until you couldn’t see most of the “stems” anymore.  But I am here to tell you that those fruit bouquets were incredible hits!  I was very pleased with how they turned out!

Marlene also wanted to know if the squash in the Squash Casserole recipe I posted still has some crunch left to it.  The answer is yes or no.  LOL  How’s that for a positive answer?  It all depends on how long you decide to cook it.  If you want it with more crunch, don’t bake it as long.  If you don’t want any crunch left at all, bake longer.  The cooking time is just a suggestion for this dish.  You’re basically just getting the squash done to your OWN desired tenderness.  Personally, I like a happy medium on that dish.  I don’t want squash that bites back when I bite into it.  But I don’t want it mushy either.

And finally, Marlene wanted to know about the dessert for Easter.  I ended up doing Carrot Cake because that’s what Ankle Biter 2 asked for.  For some reason, he associates Carrot Cake with Easter.  So that’s what we had.  However, I got multiple suggestions from the tall people around here.  TSM said:  “CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE WITH MORE CHOCOLATE!”  LOL  The man loves his chocolate!  My SIL said, “White on white cake with ‘strawberry goo’ in between the layers!”  My brother said, “HONEYBUN CAKE, OF COURSE!!!!!”  So we had quite diverse dessert requests!  But ultimately, the small-one won out.  So I made a HUGE honkin’ Carrot Cake.  See?

Carrot Cake 1

Carrot Cake 2

It was rather huge!  LOL  Did I happen to mention it was GINORMOUS?  It was so big it couldn’t be served on a dessert plate.  We had to have dinner plates! 

Here’s the rest of the table:

Easter Table 1

Pardon the poor quality photo.  The sun was coming in the window and made the photo dark.  When I lightened it up, it made it look grainy and yucky.  But you get an idea!

Easter Table 2

This end of the table held the Fried Okra, Macaroni & Cheese, Roasted Asparagus with Donna’s fabulous Mustard-Herb Dressing, Sweet Potato Casserole, Ham, Scalloped Pineapple, Stir-Fried Cabbage, and Mashed Potatoes.

Easter Table 3

This end of the table had the Fried Corn, Broccoli & Cheese, Roasted Carrots with Red Onions and Whole Garlic Cloves, the Roasted Panko Chicken and the Green Beans.

And THIS would be the 3 goobers “patiently” waiting for me to snap pictures before they could dig in:

Easter Table 4

Left to right is:  Ankle Biter 1, Unk and Ankle Biter 2.

We had quite an Easter celebration at our house!  I hope you all had a fabulous celebration too!

Now, let’s get to some other “stuff.”  WOW WOW WOW at all the “newbies” that came out of the woodwork this week!  Beth Anne is the daughter of my dear friend Candy who gifted me recently with some fabulous softball-sized Texas sweet onions.  WELCOME Beth Anne!  I’m thrilled you popped in!  Don’t be a stranger!

Andrea Baker, a pleasure to have you around as well!  You and I have quite a lot in common with our “yucky” foods!  I LOATHE fungus!  Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole!  And I have major texture issues with food, coconut being one of those.  Welcome to you!  Just so the rest of you know, Andrea is a fellow Children’s Services cohort. 

 WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME to grisgirl849 and lisaheidrich!  Thanks for stopping by and for sharing some of your Easter plans with me!

It was a phenomenal week around here!  I kept tabs on my stats and one day this week blew my previous “highest traffic” day out of the water by nearly 100 hits!  I was absolutely thrilled to see so many folks at least coming by!  Now some of your lurkers, come out of the woodwork and speak up!  I love to hear from you!

Now go have a fabulous week!  I’ll see you tomorrow with some meal ideas! 


4 Responses

  1. we loved the asparagus/squash .. i barely steamed it so it would still be crunchy since it had to sit over night…..i also drained it so it wouldn’t be overly marinated w/ the dressing……..forgot the sunflower seeds….so i will grab some at a c-store and sprinkle some on tonight’s leftovers……..

    i have saved the extra dressing to try on a pasta salad type thingy later……..but the other potential’s for this dressing is humongous!!

  2. As always, that cake was picture perfect! I love that picture of the “3 goobers” sitting at the table…they are, well, a bunch of goobers! LOL


  4. Amy, thanks for the scalloped pineapple recipe. It went over great here!! We loved it.

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