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My Heart Hurts

No, I’m not having a heart attack.  It’s not a physical pain.  It’s a hurt that comes from knowing there are people out there who simply don’t know good food or don’t have it or can’t get it.  KWIM? 

Once in a while, I meet someone who doesn’t cook.  That is a completely foreign thought to me.  I honestly can NOT wrap my head around it.  How in the world do you NOT cook?  What do you eat?  I mean, I understand about hot dogs and canned soup and frozen dinners.  We’ve already established that I love my occasional can of soup!  And I’m not so persnickety that I won’t eat a hot dog.  I even enjoy eating out.  But I can’t eat canned soup or hot dogs or go out for every meal.  It’s just impossible.

I did it this past week while I was in Chattanooga.  I came home absolutely craving good, home-cooked food.  So that makes me wonder about all those folks out there that don’t cook for their families.  That is such a foreign concept to me.  I realize not everyone LOVES to cook like I do.  I get that.  But I don’t understand how anybody can NOT want home-cooking though.  How can life be lived with frozen dinners, Hamburger Helper, canned ravioli and cold-cut sandwiches?

Do these folks not ever just  crave REAL food?  Roast with carrots and potatoes?  Meatloaf and mashed potatoes?  Pork chops and cabbage?  Nothing? 

My heart truly aches for them because I can’t imagine life without “real” food.  I came home last night absolutely starving for real food!  My plan was to call the Tall Skinny Man and have him go get the stuff to make meatloaf when I got home.  Unfortunately, the drive home from Chattanooga turned into WAY too many hours due to the nasty, rainy weather.  By the time I made it to Florence, AL, Sam’s and their pizza sounded like supper to me instead of the planned meatloaf. 

But here I sit dreaming of that meatloaf because it’s homemade, not “brought on!”  I’ve done “brought on” all week long.  I had TGIF’s one night.  I had Chili’s another night.  I ate in the hotel another night because they had chili and grilled hot dogs and after the day I put over, I couldn’t stand the thought of getting back out and having to drive some more to find something to eat.  I ate BBQ in a little hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint in Cleveland, TN.  I even had THE most amazing Italian food one night.  But it wasn’t MY food.  It wasn’t home-cooked.  It wasn’t made with LOVE!

My food is.  And my heart just aches for people who don’t get that.  Food doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated in order to be good and filled with love.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with grilling a hamburger for your family.  And it beats the heck out of a Big Mac or a Whopper or a whoever. 

All that said……….go cook something for your family.  Show them how much you love them.  The oldest ankle biter has already been nipping at my ankles this morning begging for pork chops this week.  So pork chops he shall have!  If you know your family has a favorite dish, make it for them this week!  Rock their world!  And help me with making my heart stop hurting, would ya?  I need to know folks out there in cyberland are being fed with love!

See y’all tomorrow with some menus for the week! 


8 Responses

  1. We’ve definitely been fed w/ love this week….since my youngest broke her femur a week ago today, had surgery and we finally got home from the hospital Tuesday (said hospital, btw, had the most awesome turnips on Sunday)……my mom had already planned to go be w/ my youngest aunt with her double mastectomy surgery out of town, and i sent her on…so before she left, she loaded the fridge down w/ turkey, bbq and homemade pear dumplings…….

    my “aunt” — you know, one of those awesome older women some of us are so fortunate to have in our lives that look after us, just because they love us — had supper ready for us when we came home from the hospital — crockpot roast “beast”, gravy and mashed potatoes, english peas (blech, but my daughters favorite), fruit salad, and rolls, and chocolate mousse —

    the next night, my former boss made her special spaghetti sauce and the most awesome tossed salad……….last night, our best friends brought over pizza — tho not homemade, full of love………

    ………and i’m going to feast on the love thrown our way

  2. For me, it’s nothing to find a recipe and want to try it out. There are so many times I want to cook, but don’t just because I don’t have time to run to the store (I live in a dorm). But the thing that really bugs me is when people say that they CAN’T cook, or don’t know how. Since I was able to walk, but mom has pushed into me the idea of, “If you can read, you can cook.” All you do is follow recipes. Even though, you can just google an uncertain term.

    I feel bad too for those that don’t cook. Their taste buds must be dead and screaming out for something that isn’t frozen or overly salted.

  3. […] April 5, 2008 in life Tags: cooking, dorm, rant Amy over at “What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?” recently wrote a post about people who don’t cook. She wondered if they ever had a craving […]

  4. Well, tonight is Lentil Soup and Corn Muffins. I wish I had a head of cabbage for coleslaw, but, that would have meant a trip to the store, and that wasn’t gonna happen…so, I guess we will just have to be satisfied with what we have. Glad to see you back Amy, and look forward to your daily postings.

  5. It is a weird concept to me, too, Amy!! I mean, with my family and our busy schedules, I love sitting down with them after cooking and enjoying our dinner time. It is a late one, but it allows us to eat together. I love when I am cooking and my daughter is either doing homework, on the computer by the kitchen or watching tv while I am there cooking…I like when she is helping me and when my husband comes home and sits and we share a cocktail before dinner…this is my magic hour…I love trying new recipes and old favorites. Dinner is special to me…

  6. What a sweet post. While I certainly don’t love cooking like you do, I do like it when I find a new recipe. I’ve made about 4 new things in the last couple of weeks and I think they were all “thumbs up” YEAH

  7. Oh, I feel your pain! We are still without a kitchen and for 2 weeks we had the flu here….so no going to mom’s kitchen to cook dinner. We ate out so much that I am sick of restaurant food. Yesterday and today was the same….eating out. Tomorrow, I AM cooking. I love cooking….and in less then 3…count them….1, 2, 3…..weeks I will have a working kitchen. A big, working kitchen. heaven, I tell ya!!!

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