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Good morning friends and neighbors!  It’s been a while!  Life has been crazy around these parts!  I finally did a little cooking yesterday.  We’ve been so busy with ballgames, work, LIFE lately that I haven’t done a lot of cooking.

But yesterday, I did!  And I made something I haven’t made in a while and had forgotten just how much I love it and how tasty it is!

I LOVE hot Spinach Dip!  So a couple years ago, after watching Rachael Ray make this spinach/bacon/potato concoction, I decided to try putting some chunky potatoes into my hot Spinach Dip and serving it as a side dish.  Lo and behold, it was insanely delish!  So I made some last night for dinner as a side dish.  And I seriously could’ve eaten the WHOLE pan!  They’re THAT good!

So you wanna make ’em?  Let’s!

Florentine Bacon Smashed Potatoes

*  4 large potatoes

*  2-10 oz. pkg. frozen chopped spinach, thawed and drained well

*  4 cloves garlic, minced

*  2 cups shredded mixed cheeses (Parmesan, Romano and Asiago)

*  8 strips bacon, cooked and roughly chopped

*  10-12 oz. heavy cream

*  1 stick butter

*  1 medium onion, diced

*  salt to taste

*  freshly ground black pepper to taste

Cook bacon to desired doneness.  Reserve bacon grease.  Peel and cut potatoes into chunks.  Boil.  In a medium-large non-stick skillet, add some reserved bacon grease and saute diced onions and minced garlic until onions are caramelized.  Add heavy cream and spinach to skillet.  Heat through.  Drain and roughly mash the potatoes.  Add butter to potatoes while mashing.  Add smashed potatoes to spinach mixture in skillet.  Stir until well-blended.  Add shredded cheeses.  Serve hot……if you make it out of the kitchen with the pan!  You may be standing at the stove with a shovel over this dish!

Now something to keep in mind is this is NOT rocket science!  You can add whatever YOU like to this!  I’ve added pimientos to it for color at Christmastime.  Sun-dried tomatoes would be rock-your-face-off good in it, especially if you added some mozzarella to the mix.  If you wanted to serve this alongside a steak, some bleu cheese would be fabulous as a substitute.  You can tailor it anyway you would like it.  I’ve used small red potatoes and left the peel on them.  If you have shallots, try those instead of a regular onion.  You just can’t go wrong! 

These potatoes/spinach will make you wish you’d never heard the word “Weight Watchers!”  LOL  They are certainly not diet-friendly.  But they are fabulously tasty!  They would make a terrific accompaniment to SO many dishes.  I already mentioned a big, juicy grilled steak.  They’d be wonderful beside a stuffed chicken breast or a thick-cut pork chop!  Shoot, I think they’re wonderful by themselves!  There’s bacon in there!  Make it a complete meal!  LOL

I must warn you……this is not the *prettiest* dish you’ll ever make.  In fact, my brother’s comment when I put them on the table last night…..”What happened here?”  ROFL  But once you taste, you’ll be hooked and won’t care how they look.  You can always add more cheese on top so folks don’t see how it looks until they’ve already dug in!  A little more cheese never hurt anything……well, except maybe clogging an extra artery or two. 

Anyhoo, enjoy!  These are SO flippin’ good!  I’d eat some for breakfast, but I vowed last night to eat my “last supper” and hit Weight Watchers with a vengeance this morning.  So I’ll pass………but you go make some, you skinny thang, you!  And eat the whole bucket by yourself! 

Hope to see y’all again soon!  I’ve missed you terribly!!!!! 


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  1. Your potatoes sound wonderful, Amy!

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