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So over the weekend we grilled steaks.  I love steak!  Steak is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! 

However, we have a difference of opinion between the Tall Skinny Man and me and my brother and SIL.  TSM and I think that a sirloin or strip steak are the way to go.  Unk and Aunt Dee think a ribeye is better. 

So when we grilled on Sunday, we did some sirloins AND some ribeyes.  Either way, they were delicious!

I assembled a few things before getting started: 

I LOVE ME SOME DALE’S!  LOVE it!  But that’s some salty stuff!  So I always get the reduced-sodium.  If you can take the “real” stuff, more power to you.  My blood pressure hates me if I consume the “real” stuff.  But I digress.  Dale’s is absolutely imperative for steak grilling!  Trust me on this!  It’s way awesome stuff!  I also had some spice-grinders to us.  I like to use a LOT of fresh-cracked pepper.  The more coarse, the better I like it!  I like to bite down on little chunks of peppercorn!  If you don’t, use a finer grind for yours.  I also have that wonderful Chicago Steakhouse grinder.  I LOVE the mix in that little grinder.  It came from Sam’s and it was fairly inexpensive.  I used my little grinders to make a large amount of spice to put on the steaks.  Don’t be afraid of spice!  Spice is GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!  Then there’s the steak, of course.  You can’t really grill steak without steak, now can you? 

That’s it, friends!  Steak doesn’t have to be smothered in a million things to make it taste good!  If it does, you didn’t have good beef to begin with!  Look for good beef!  And if you don’t see any in the case, ask the butcher to cut you some fresh!  That’s why he gets paid!

So let’s do this little process shall we?

You will need a large dish to spread your steak out in for marinating.  I used my “lasagna pan.”  It’s about a 10″X15″ glass baking dish.  Then pour a little Dale’s in a small bowl and have all your fresh-ground spices in another small bowl.  You’ll also need a basting brush.  TSM put a set of those little silicon brushes in my stocking at Christmas.  I don’t know how I ever basted without them.  Go get yourself some!  You’ll throw out those funky little bristle ones!  And if you’re still using the paintbrush you got at the hardware store 8 years ago, quit NOW!  Go buy thyself a silicon brush!  I promise, it’s wonderful for this process! 

Now sprinkle a good bit of your fresh-ground spices in the bottom of your dish, as much or as little as you like.  As you can see, I like a LOT!  And if my arm hadn’t been about to fall off from grinding, I would’ve put MORE!

Then use your little silicon brush to paint the steaks with Dale’s.  Place the steaks, wet-side down into the ground spices.  This will help the seasoning adhere to them.  Then really press them into the spices! 

Would you lookee there?  We’ve got a whole lotta happy steak!  Unfortunately, it was about right here where the Ankle Biters and Tall Skinny Man deserted me to go do Ankle Biter/Tall Skinny Man things.  And needless to say, my hands were way too funky to be doing any photo-taking.  So you’re out of luck for photos of this process after this!  Sorry!

Top each steak with a very generous amount of your fresh-ground spices.  Really massage it in!  Don’t be afraid to really get in there and work those spices in!  Cover and refrigerate until you’re ready to grill.

HINT:  Set the meat out of the fridge when you go outside to light your grill.  It will cook more evenly if the meat isn’t cold when it hits the hot grill. 

Now there’s also a difference of opinion as to how a steak is to be cooked.  TSM just wants the nose and butt of his cow wiped and it warmed up on the grill, basically.  Now me?  I’m not a fan of chasing my food around my plate.  So I want mine a bit more “done” than that.  But I do want it on the reddish side of pink.  My brother and I eat ours much the same, which is funny since we grew up eating steak that was dead.  Dead, dead, DEAD I tell you.  Our Daddy knew no other way to grill than to make the steak into a hockey puck.  God rest his soul.  So that’s all we knew.  Now we know better!  If steak is cooked to brown or gray, it’s hockey puck.  Throw it OUT!  Start over!  It ain’t worth eating!  Unfortunately, my SIL still subscribes to the “hockey puck steak” train of thought.  Poor thang!  Then she drowns it in ketchup.  But I guess I’d have to too if I was eating hockey puck.  But I digress again.

I grilled TSM’s to a rarish-medium rare.  I grilled mine, Unk’s and the Ankle Biters’ to a nice medium.  And Aunt Dee got hers hockey puck-style.

Here’s where I REALLY made these steaks pop.  And I was a goober and forgot to take any pictures while I was doing it.  SORRY!  I roasted about 10-12 cloves of garlic with some olive oil and a little Jane’s Krazy Mixed Up Salt until they were caramelized.  Then I whizzed them in the mini food processor with a stick of real butter.  I went outside and clipped a bunch of my garlic chives that are growing buck-wild right now and snipped them into the mixture.  I divided the butter mixture in half and kept half of it for those of us who don’t do bleu cheese.  For TSM and Aunt Dee, I added half a small container of bleu cheese to their butter.  Refrigerate it all! 

When the steaks came off the grill, I added a little scoopful of butter to the top of each steak letting it melt under the heat of the steak. 

Then we each had to say 100 hail Marys even though we’re not Catholic because there’s no doubt we sinned against God eating those things!  Gluttony IS a sin, after all!  And Lord have mercy on our wicked souls, we sure committed it eating those steaks!

Now run right out to your friendly neighborhood market and fetch the best-looking steaks you can find and whip these bad boys out for dinner tonight.  Then get right with God when you’re done!  Enjoy!


4 Responses

  1. As usual, anymore, I’m a day late, and a dollar short! LOL Tonight, I should have used your “Springs Smashed Spuds”. Yeah, first time in ages I made instant potatoes, and they were pretty thick. I should have added a alittle more milk, but what I really think now, is that I should copy this recipe and tape it to the side of the instant potatoes box. Hope you have a nice, relaxing time at home this week…and I love you too, Amy!

  2. I noticed Miss Amy didn’t include a dessert……….fixed this last night because the GA peaches I bought this week were still a little hard:

    anyway — I cut the recipe in half — and it was barely enough for 4 of us…..i actually scraped the bits off the dish w/ a spoon before i put it in the d/w

    But I digress: The recipe comes from “the Fresh Market” which will be opening soon right up the street from me!


  3. OH MY GOSH Donna! You are going to absolutely go WILD over Fresh Market! It’s not Whole Foods, but it’s like a little bitty kissing cousin or something. It’s WONDERFUL! They have a sun-dried tomato foccacia that will rock your face off! And TSM is positively ADDICTED to their “Kitchen Sink” Cookies! You’re going to LOVE it! You’re so lucky to have one so close! The closest to me is actually further than the nearest Whole Foods, which is in Nashville. So I just do Whole Foods cuz there’s more……….but you’re going to LOVE it!

  4. Yummm! We had steak last week too! I put butter on our steaks before we cook them! I saw paula put butter on them after, so i thougt why not try it before also. I do not know if it was the butter, or what but the steaks were amazing! Keep cooking and sharing! Glad you are back blogging! I have missed it!

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