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Making Use Of Leftovers

So I grilled some chicken breasts on Sunday and slathered them with my somewhat “famous” BBQ sauce and we had a boatload of them leftover.  Well, I’m a cheap heifer and can’t stand the thought of losing the money I paid for those chicken breasts should they go to waste. 

So while I was at work Monday, I pondered the recycling of said BBQ Chicken breasts.  And here’s what I came up with………..Salad.

Salad, you ask?  Because many of you know that I am the anti-lettuce due to it causing me to need to die should I consume it.  But it seems that spinach does NOT cause the same evil effect.  And I had a large bag of baby spinach just hanging around in my fridge.  So I started dreaming up nifty things to put in the salad. 

Since it was BBQ Chicken and I had a teeny bowl of whole kernel corn left from the same dinner, I decided it was going in the salad too.  And I absolutely can NOT have salad of any type without onion, so red onion went in as well.  Then a whole bunch of other goodies ended up in the bowl!

Here’s what I ended up with for this salad:

BBQ Chicken  & Spinach Salad

*  Baby Spinach (or your green of choice)

*  Leftover BBQ chicken breasts, sliced

*  1/2 can black beans, drained and rinsed

*  1/2 can whole kernel corn, drained

*  1/2 red bell pepper, sliced

*  1/2 English cucumber, sliced

*  1/2 red onion, sliced

*  1 tomato, cut in wedges

*  1 handful bleu cheese crumbles

*  8 slices bacon, chopped

*  3 slices leftover grilled pineapple, cut in chunks

*  dressing of choice (suggestions:  bleu cheese, ranch, poppyseed, catalina)

Crazy combinations for the most part, but they worked.  My SIL proclaimed the salad the best ever.  She practically licked the bowl clean after dinner!  LOL 

Since it was such a thrown-together leftover meal, I didn’t think to take any pictures of it.  😦  Sorry!  It really WAS a great salad! 

I made mine on the healthier side.  It had no bacon or bleu cheese.  And I doubled up on the cucumber, onion and red bell pepper for mine since I love those things so much.  I’m back in the Weight Watchers saddle trying desperately to re-lose what I had already lost.  And I’m happy to report that the scale, who has been my nemesis for the last year, FINALLY decided to go in the right direction!  I am down 9 pounds.  Only 8,432 more to go to get back down to my lowest Weight Watchers weight!  Not that any of that has anything whatsoever to do with using up leftovers…………

Sorry for chasing that little rabbit!  I hope you enjoy my “invention” from our BBQ Chicken leftovers.  Have a great day!


7 Responses

  1. Go Amy on the weight loss! I’m so happy for you. 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration. I made b/s breasts the other night and have some left over, so we’re having salads tonight. YUM!

  2. Way to go, Amy! I’m so happy for you!

  3. Amy…Keep it up, girlie!! Looking forward to some healthy food posts. 🙂

  4. yummO!!

  5. Heyyy girl! Im so sorry I keep forgetting you’re over here now! Enjoying your blog a lot 🙂

  6. I just ran across your blog. I’m always glad to find another new food blog with a Tennessee connection. Great blog and great recipes!

  7. Hey!
    I just wanted to let you know, i know it’s late, but i’m coming on Tuesday with one of my friend, Laura.
    W got late tickets because we had to wait and see about ouor finals exams scores… I graduated!! Finally!

    So now i’m coming back to Savannah, for about a month…

    Can’t wait to see you and the boys.

    All my love, Sarah

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