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Wedge Salad

Well, it’s been a while again!  Sorry!  I would absolutely love to be here every single day sharing a recipe with you.  But unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a way to make a day have 87 hours in it instead of 24.  Wouldn’t that be nice!? 

So it’s Labor Day weekend………and I’m off for a few days.  WOO HOO!  That gives me a few minutes to sit here and enjoy sharing a recipe! 

Once in a while, I crave a good steak.  And for the past few days, it’s been “once in a while!”  So yesterday morning, I set off in search of a good steak!  Turns out one of our little podunk grocery stores, which still uses a real, honest-to-goodness butcher,  had New York Strip Steaks on sale at a way honkin’ insane price!  $5.98 a pound as opposed to around $9-12 a pound they usually are.  So I scooped some of those bad boys up and trotted to the house with them! 

But you can’t just have steak!  You’ve got to have something to go with it!  So Unk decided we needed to have a Wedge Salad.  I love to make Wedge Salad.  And honestly, that was what I was already thinking of doing before I even asked anybody else what we should have with the steaks!  So Wedge Salad, coming right up!

What is Wedge Salad?  Well, it’s um, a bunch of stuff cut into wedges!  It’s simple really!  Put whatever you like in it that you can cut into a wedge.

You start with a head of iceberg lettuce.  Yes, I KNOW it has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever.  But you know what?  You can’t cut any of those fancy fru-fru lettuces and greens into nifty wedges.  You just can’t.  So work with me here!  Go buy some funky no-nutritional-value iceberg lettuce and just make the salad!  It’s good!  I promise!

Cut the lettuce head in half and cut the core out.  Then cut each half into 4 wedges.  Place those on a large platter.  Then just start adding wedges of whatever you feel like adding.  Yesterday’s Wedge Salad at my house got wedges of tomatoes, baby carrots, cucumbers, marble cheese and pepper jack cheese.  Just arrange the various wedges all around and on your lettuce wedges.  When everything was arranged, I added some chopped up bacon and some whole green onions to the top. 

It looks a little something like this:


Then I made some “homemade” Ranch dressing.  I started with a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix, but I seriously doctored it.  I added fresh cracked pepper, fresh minced garlic and fresh chives from my herb garden out back. 

It’s nothing fancy.  But it sure is tasty!  You can do with it whatever you like.  I was going to add some wedges of cantaloupe too, but they’re just a little too spendy right now.  So no ‘loupe this time.  Wedges of pineapple or honeydew or any number of things would be delish too!

Give it a whirl!  See how you like it!  And I’ll try to come back soon with another try-me!


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  1. Have a great day Amy and family.

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