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Coconut Cream Pie

Happy Labor Day, friends and neighbors!  I hope you all enjoyed your day off as much as I did!  I got to spend some time cooking today.  And y’all know I love that more than breathing!  So it was a good day. 

I decided to try my hand at making a Coconut Cream Pie today because my SIL wanted one.  I went in search of a recipe on the internet because nobody in my family ever made Coconut Cream Pies.  So I had to Google to come up with something.  I combined about 3 recipes to come up with what I felt like would be good.  And good it was!  My SIL raved over that pie!

So ya wanna make some pie with me?  It was fairly easy.  It just required some patience, which ain’t really my strong suit.  But I managed!

Coconut Cream Pie

*  1 bottle/can cream of coconut

*  enough Half and Half to amount to 3 cups of liquid

*  1/2 cup flour

*  2 eggs + 2 egg yolks

*  1 cup sugar

*  2 Tbsp. coconut extract

*  1 tsp. vanilla extract

*  1 small bag shredded coconut

Mix cream of coconut and half and half in a large saucepan.  Add sugar, eggs, yolks, and sugar.  Cook over medium low heat until very thick like pudding.  Pour into a pre-baked pie shell.  Top with meringue and bake just until meringue begins to brown slightly. 


*  4 egg whites

*  4 Tbsp. sugar

*  1/4 tsp. cream of tartar

*  1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Whip until firm peaks form. 

And this is what you’ll end up with:




YUM!  I’m not a fan of coconut so much, but it sure was good!  It’s definitely something I’d make again!  If you like Coconut Cream Pie, I think you’ll love this one!  Give it a try!  Enjoy!


7 Responses

  1. Oh yum!! I will be putting this on my list to make. What kind of cream of coconut did you use? I don’t think I have ever seen it. Do you have a picture, link or name to the kind you used? That would be most helpful. :o)

  2. That looks delicious!

  3. Amy, We LOVE Coconut Cream Pie! Your recipe sounds good!

  4. Amy, l love you……but I cannot put coconut in my mouth…….my brain just says “NO WAY”……..

    however, the pie does look very pretty……..

    now, if you’re talking chocolate…..i’m diving in!

  5. Tammy, here’s a link to the kind I used today. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought it. But I was very pleased with it!


  6. Amy…I added your blog to my blog list. Do you have anymore recipes to share?? hint, hint! I love your recipes!!

    I’m still looking forward to making this cream pie!! Maybe in a few weeks when we start our soup family nights!!

  7. OMG that sounds and looks delicious! However, IF I ever tried to make it, NO WAY would it come out looking so purty!

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