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Wanna Party?

We did at my house this week!  I had a Premier jewelry show here last Monday.  Unfortunately, since then, I’ve been busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.  So no time to post pictures until now.

We had a great little party!  Some friends and family came to see some gorgeous jewelry and eat some tasty morsels.  I venture to say a good time was had by all!

If you don’t know Premier jewelry, I encourage you to find someone who sells it!  I LURVE me some jewelry!  And I just happen to have my very own jewelry lady, who also just happens to be my “Phat Babysitter” from years gone by.  So if you’re local, I can hook you up with THE best jewelry gal EVER should you want to find out how to earn FREE jewelry!  Cuz I’m getting somewhere in the neighborhood of about $650 worth of jewelry FREE!  And if there’s anything I love even remotely as much as food, it’s jewelry.  And FREE jewelry comes even closer! 

But I do still love food MORE!  LOL  So let’s talk about food, shall we?  I love party food.  How about you?  There’s just something about it that just makes you want to eat and eat and eat!  Or it does me anyway!

Since cooler weather hit us last week, I thought a “fally” table would be nice to display the food.  So that’s what we went with!

Here’s the whole spread!  Nice and “fally,” no?  Yeah, whatever Amy, let’s talk about the FOOD!  Who gives a rip about the “fally” crap!?  Let’s eat!

YUMMMMM!  Here’s the center of the table.  The top tier is just decoration because Tall Skinny Man told me I had way-the-bull too much food already and I didn’t need to make anything to put in that top tier.  So there ya go.  It’s all fru-fru-y, but no food!  The second tier has Petit Fours.  My jewelry lady, AKA “Phat Babysitter,” adores Petit Fours.  One might even say she lives for them, dreams of them, covets them, wants to marry them and have their babies or something like that.  But I digress.  The bottom tiers have all the dippers.  Scoops, blue corn chips, chunks of French bread and these groovy little Parmesan sticks made by Pepperidge Farms.  I had never bought any of them before, but they were a HUGE hit!

Hoo boy!  HOT HOT HOT, I tell you!  Lord, have mercy on my wicked soul.  AMEN!  The left is Buffalo Chicken Dip.  The right is Bacon Carbonara Crusts.  And the top is Sin Dip.  Previously known as Mississippi Sin dip, but I significantly changed it from the original recipe.  So I’m claiming it’s just Sin…….whether you eat it in MS or TN or NYC or Portugal!  You’re GOING to sin!  Trust me!  Gluttony IS a sin!  So you’re absolutely going to sin eating it.  No need to assign a state to it……other than it’s own sinfulness!  LOL  Oh, and did I mention it was sinful?

Here we have little Lemon Basil Chicken Salad sandwiches on Hawaiian bread in the top tier.  The chicken salad was originally a Paula Deen recipe.  But I’ve tweaked it and made it my own too.  Paula didn’t add any lemon zest to hers.  I do to mine and it perks up the flavor tremendously!  And I cut out the sour cream and use non-fat plan yogurt to kill a bazillion calories from it!  Works like a charm, too!  The second tier is my somewhat famous Cucumber Dill Dip.  That’s Ankle Biter #2’s favorite food in the world probably.  He begs for it!  And the bottom tier holds 2 different kind of wraps:  A whole wheat wrap spread with a cream cheese/pineapple/bell pepper/onion/cheddar cheese mixture and then honey-baked ham slices and the other is an Italian wrap spread with cream cheese/fresh basil/mozzarella cheese/garlic/sun-dried tomato/bacon mixture and then smoked turkey slices.  Um yeah, DELISH! 

And there ya go!  Many yummies!  We ate and played with jewelry and ate and played with jewelry and ate some more and played with some more jewelry.  We had a great time!  A HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Stef, my fabulous Jewelry lady and former “Phat Babysitter!”  She’s THE very best jewelry gal and babysitter anybody could ever have!  I LOVE HER!  Thanks for hooking me up with all those jewels!  I’m gonna be dripping in them!  And a huge thanks for all the family and friends who popped in to visit and eat and jewel with us!  I had a great time with you all! 

Y’all come back now, ya hear?


9 Responses

  1. hmmm, recipes maybe?? Pretty please!! I would like the Lemon Basil Chicken, the cucumber dip, Sin dip, and bacon carbonara crusts. When you get a break from butt kicking, that is! ;o)

  2. Tammy, I shared the Cucumber Dill Dip already. If you do a search at the top, it will bring up the post from earlier this year when I posted it. And I’m going to be sharing the Sin and the Bacon Carbonara soon…….Hadn’t thought about the chicken salad. But I’ll do that one too!

  3. Looks FABULOUS as always my dear! YUM!


  5. LOL at Tall Skinny Man!

    I want to come to a party at your house!

  6. droooooooooooooool………..

  7. OH.MY.GOSH. It is all so pretty, and I know it tasted great! I love Cucumber Dip! Come to think of it, I made it for my jewelry party too!

  8. First things first… I love peti fours even more than you said!! I want to take a bath in them:) The food was out of this world! Thank you so much for the compliment also! It made my day!!!!!!

  9. OMG…this looks more wonderful now than when I looked at it earlier! I’m preparing a womens ministry party at my house (fellowship and a cookie swap), and I’m on the hunt for some great food to serve (well, everyone is supposed to bring a dish, but I want to add some to it)…

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