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Pecan Pie

Can there BE a holiday gathering without Pecan Pie?  If you’re a good little Southern girl, there can’t be!  It’s impossible!  Your long-departed Southern ancestors would come back to haunt you!  At least that’s what would happen at MY house!  My Moma and Granny would definitely come back to haunt me if I dared to have Thanksgiving without Pecan Pie on the buffet!

I’m not a huge dessert fan.  I like it alright, but it’s not something I HAVE to have to complete a meal like some folks ***cough…..Tall Skinny Man…..cough……Aunt Dee…….cough……Little Nepherina……cough***  OK, point made that I’ve got some folks in my family who LOVE their dessert and MUST have it!  But I have to admit, of all desserts, I would definitely take Pecan Pie over most of them! 

My Granny made THE most amazing pie crust in the world.  I mean it was so good it would make you cry.  Heck, I’m sitting here thinking about crying just remembering it!  My gosh, that stuff was phenomenal!  I could eat it just plain!  Not actual pie in the crust!  That’s how good it was!  What I would give for another chunk of that pie crust of Granny’s!

But here’s the thing………I was not blessed with the pie crust-making gene apparently.  I’ve tried.  And I can make decent pie crust.  But not pie crust that moves people to cry.  So I figure if I can’t make anybody cry with my pie crust, that stuff in the freezer section will do just fine thankyouverymuch!  So go down to the friendly neighborhood Kroger and get yourself a deep dish pie crust for this here recipe………unless you DO happen to be blessed with pie crust-making genetics……….in which case, knock yourself out making homemade crust and messing up your kitchen! 

Either way, let’s make some Pecan Pie!

Pecan Pie

*  1 deep pie crust, homemade or otherwise

*  1 cup dark Karo syrup (the REAL stuff, please!)

*  3/4 cup sugar

*  3 large eggs, slightly beaten

*  3 Tbsp. butter

*  1 tsp. vanilla extract

*  1 cup pecans, chopped or halves, whichever you prefer

Boil sugar, Karo, vanilla and butter together about 2 minutes.  Beat eggs in a measuring cup.  Add a small amount of the Karo mixture to the eggs and beat.  Repeat 2 more times.  This is to temper the eggs so they don’t scramble from the heat.  Once eggs have been tempered, add remaining Karo mixture and eggs together.  Add pecans and pour into pie crust.  Bake in a preheated 375° oven for 50 minutes.

This is good stuff!  Your family will LOVE you for it!  Be a good little Southern-girl, or Souther-girl wannabe, or Southern-boy for that matter and make your family some Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, and one more thing…….if you love God, it’s pronounced “Puh-con!”  Just sayin’……….Enjoy!


9 Responses


    so there!!

  2. It’s Peeee-cahn here!!LOL This does look yummy and I am seriously thinking of rustling one of these babies up for our next turn to provide snacks for our life group. I just LOVE that you use the dough from the freezer and that gives me permission to do the same. Thankyouverymuch!!

  3. I’ll stick with Amy, it Puh-con!!

    Hey Amy, can you use light Karo or does it have to be dark? When I make Pecan Pie I use the recipe on the back of the Karo bottle (the light Karo)

  4. Amen on the puh-con!!! I’m from Texas, though. LOL

  5. Jenny, I’ve used the light Karo in a pinch. I prefer the dark for pecan pie, but you won’t kill the pie if you use the white Karo! LOL

  6. Thanks for the recipe. This is Scott’s fav pie and I’m trying it for Tday. I usually order one from the local diner.

    BTW, I say peeecahn. I’m weird like that. LOL


  8. Oh…I love Puh-con pie! I have been so busy here lately, that you have snuck two post in on me, before I knew it! LOL

  9. That’s exactly how I make mine! I just got my order of Texas papershell pecans, so I’ll be ready to be baking. YUM!

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