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Roasted Turkey Breast

Well, it’s coming up on Thanksgiving.  You can’t really HAVE Thanksgiving without turkey now, can you?  If you can, keep it to yourself because I’ve operated for 39 years now expecting Turkey for Thanksgiving and don’t wanna know if treason is perpetrated by not having turkey on TURKEY day, for crying out loud!  LOL

I have to admit though, that I am not a fan of the whole bird.  I don’t like dark-meat poultry.  It’s icky and slimy and fowl, er, foul!  And the majority of my family only likes the white-meat too.  So instead of doing one huge honkin’ turkey, I always do a couple turkey breasts.  They’re also easier to manage than the whole bird……..and there’s none of that digging giblets out of them either.  Ew and DOUBLE EWWWWWWWW!

My life-long BFF, Kathy, has a saying about any kind of poultry that isn’t seasoned very well.  She says “it tastes like dead bird.”  And I guess that’s considerably better than it tasting like LIVE bird…….but the point is that is needs to have some FLAVOR added to it.  Because chicken and turkey just don’t have a lot of vibrant flavor to them by themselves.  They need a little help!

And I’m just the gal to help ’em!  I like flavor and LOTS of it!  None of this sissy flavoring stuff!  Strong, bold flavors!  Let’s make some bold flavor, shall we?

Roasted Turkey Breast

*  1 Tbsp. sea salt (it’s a little less “salty” than table salt)

*  2 tsp. sweet paprika (not smoked and not hot paprika!)

*  1 tsp. cayenne pepper

*  1 tsp. onion powder

*  1 tsp. thyme

*  1 tsp. white pepper

*  1 tsp. garlic powder

*  1/2 tsp. black pepper

*  1 onion, cut into chunks

*  3 ribs celery, cut into chunks

*  2 lemons, quartered

*  1 orange, quartered

*  1 cup cranberries, optional

*  1 turkey breast

Mix all spices together in a bowl.  Loosen the skin from the turkey’s breast by sliding your hand underneath.  Be careful to leave the skin intact at the corners so it will hold the spice rub in place.  Generously rub spice rub under skin and on skin of turkey breast.  Use ALL the spice rub!  Don’t be scared!  Rub that stuff in good!  Give ole Tom Turkey a good massage!  He’s going to give you a good meal later!  Now stuff the breast cavity with the onions, celery, lemons and orange. 

If you have a deep baking stone, such as one from Pampered Chef, it’s preferable for this.  If not, use whatever deep pan you have on hand.  Disposable aluminum pans will even work!  Sprinkle the bottom with whole, fresh cranberries if you wish.  They release some amazing aromatics while the turkey is roasting! 

I like to roast turkey on 350°.  The length of roasting time depends on the size of your turkey breast.  Use an internal thermometer to make sure he’s cooked through!  Trust me when I say this………you do NOT want to undercook Mr. Tom.  He WILL get back at you for stuffing his cavity!  So make sure you cook him til he’s good and dead!  Just don’t overcook!  Roast him until an internal thermometer reads 170°.  Anything less and you’re liable to end up with a VERY unwanted guest for after-Thanksgiving……..Mr. Salmon Ella! 

Now, roasting in the oven is preferred for this.  But if you don’t have the oven space and need to free some up, you *can* do this in your largest crockpot!  Just a note to help you save some oven space should you need it for your Sweet Potatoe Souffle and Zucchini Gratin! 

Slice ole Tom up and serve him hot! 

And just as a bonus today, I thought I might also give you a little condiment that goes amazing with turkey!  It’s simple, but oh-so-good with turkey!

Mix 1 jar of jalapeno pepper jelly with 1 jar of Apricot Preserves or Orange Marmalade.  Whip it in a bowl until most of the lumps are gone.  It sounds a little freaky, but it is WONDERFUL on turkey! 

Now get cookin’!  Thanksgiving’s a-comin’!  And we’ve ALL got lots to be thankful for!


4 Responses

  1. Thanks Amy! I’m a poultry seasoning, garlic, pepper & salt kinda girl (with lots of butter) BUT I also cook the whole bird….

    So how many of these would be required for, say 30 people?!? lol! your recipe sounds so good, its tempting to change the plan at this late hour….

  2. Lanelle, the typical “rule” is allow half a pound per person. So 15 pounds of bird. But since a whole turkey has way more bone weight than the breast does, that’s a little skewed when it comes to cooking the breast only. Just to be absolutely safe, I would probably do 3 breasts and I think that would let you have some leftovers too. We LOVE our turkey leftovers around here! Sure wish you lived closer! You could just join us! I always cook plenty for 30……but it’s usually just the 7 of us.

  3. send me the dark meat…….

  4. I will be making this !! Some day I will make it to your house for one of your fabulous meals.(((((HUGS)))) Lauren

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